Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Living Room Redesign

Here is a link to my photo album from one of my recent Interior Redesign and Color Consultations. My clients struggled with furniture placement and selecting the right colors to work with her existing pieces.

So, we addressed her focal point...err points in this case. She actually had 3! The fireplace, the tv and the view (they live on a golf course!). We successfully managed to create an intimate conversation area while working with the existing angles of the room.

She really wasn't too far off with her original color in the living room, all we had to do was darken it up a bit to create that warm and cozy feel she was after. I "measured" the color in the window treatments to make sure it coordinated with them just perfectly.

The kitchen was the biggest transformation. It was out with the old wallpaper and in with a new, fresh and clean color. The cabinets and counter tops were staying so that was our guide. Don't you love the new color?

We had a great time "shopping" her house for treasures. She had a lot of great pieces tucked away. It was so fun to see her reaction.

Next stop...the basement. We are doing some finishing touches to the media room and creating a family photo wall in the game room. Can't wait! I just love my job.

Let me know what you think!

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  1. I love that new kitchen color!

  2. These home designs just scream "warmth" or "home"!

  3. Wow I really like them white shutters. Shutters always make the room look so nice. Well done.

  4. Your'e designs are really amazing..
    Nice for my new condo here in Bridgeport Single Family Homes .

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  6. Thanks for the ideas. Will be applying this in my next project.

  7. Thanks for the valuable information and insights you have provided here.

  8. Great ideas there! I love your designs!

  9. Awesome ideas... i really love your taste in design!

  10. I love the lighting in the living room, what brand of recessed lighting are you using?

  11. I love what you did with the living room. It makes everything seem warm and cozy and that is what you want out of a living room. The kitchen is amazing. I think the new color just brings new life to the kitchen. I love the media room idea.

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