Thursday, December 12, 2013

Happy Blogday

Happy Blogday!  Now please reread those words and say it out loud to the tune of Frosty the Snowman's Voice when he comes alive and belts out "Happy Birthday"! in a very enthusiastic tone.  Now you get the gist of what I am feeling. (wink, wink)

What is Happy Blogday?  It is a day to celebrate new beginnings.  It is exactly one year ago today that I ended up in the ER then ICU for a 2 week stint.  I had a sudden, near fatal illness come out of nowhere that almost took my life.  They could never really pin anything down so the final diagnosis was some crazy unknown strand of the flu plus an unknown virus that lead to respiratory failure, septic shock and me on a respirator for a week.  Eek.  I am sure I will post more about this throughout my blogging because it truly changed my perspective on life and so many things.   But, in the meantime,  if you want a good Hallmark read you can see my story here by going to  Go to "visit site" tab and type in: marybethbarrett (all lower case, all together) and the password is: theycallmemb (all lower case, all together).  My husband poured his heart out to share our journey about love, community,  power of prayer, determination and what our priest spoke of during his Homily on December 25, 2012 a true "Christmas Miracle".  I promise you that you will laugh and cry and be inspired by a community of friends and family who lifted us up through the illness and recovery.

I thought today was the perfect day to resurrect my blog!  My illness has taught me to fill my life with things that I love.  I miss blogging.  The funny thing is that I actually have been doing it daily.  I blog in my head.  I see something and I actually craft a post in my head.  Is that nuts or what? It is now time to get it out of my head and onto my blog.  So, Happy Blogday!  I thought the photos of my Paperwhites helped depict what my feelings of growth and new beginnings.  I am a plant killer my nature.  I kill anything green.  When I saw these I totally flipped and thought "I can do this", no watering, low maintenance, etc.  Bring it on.  And, double bonus...I thought my boys would think they were a super cool science experiment where they can watch them grow.  And I was right, they love them and keep me posted on their progress.  They seriously pop out so fast.  The photo on the left is one of my Paperwhites in the morning and the one on the right is by nightfall.  Bam...sheer beauty!  And, triple bonus.  I can change out the bulbs to something seasonal.  I can't wait to try Tulips in the spring.

I am also changing things up a bit on my blog.  First, you will notice a new updated design.  I love it!  My new blog won't just be about decorating, art and DIY.  I am more than just my job and my hobby.  I am also a mother, wife, sister, daughter, cousin and friend.  So, I will share some of life's daily doings that I find helpful or just plain hilarious.  One thing that got me through all the madness of my illness was humor.  I like to find the humor in things so I plan to share that with you.  I may also not post everyday.  I will do my best but I am not going to kill myself over it!!

And, as a reminder, I am not grammatically correct.  I used to be afraid to write for others to read because I stink at grammar and therefore I would not do it.  Once I let go of that fear and just wrote from my heart, I felt that it was good enough to share, imperfections and all.  So, if you feel the need to take out your red pen and correct all my mistakes, please do so.  But, please don't tell me about it.  I am fully aware.  I write from the heart, not from Grammar 101.  :)

So, my wish for you is to do what makes you happy!  And, please stop and smell the roses and notice the random gifts of beauty all around you because they will pop up out of nowhere.

Much love and Happy Blogday,
A little Down Home DIY will Do Ya!


  1. My friend Rick Canty sent me this link with Frosty the Snowman clip so you could hear it! :) Thanks Rick!!!

  2. Wow! I had heard that you had been sick, but I had no idea. So happy for your health and that you moved in across the street! And thanks for the reminder that we don't always know the road that people we see everyday have walked to get to where they are. A good reminder to be in grace and gratitude (both things I struggle with daily). Wishing you peace, rest, creativity and 100% blood counts in 2014! (And you may have just inspired me to start blogging again. My poor blog - been in such a coma on paper. But like you - still very active. In my mind.)