Friday, December 27, 2013

Lean Mean Green Machine

I hope everyone had a great Christmas.  We had a relaxing, low key, casual Christmas with just the four of us; which was the exact opposite of last year.  We have been enjoying a few days off to tackle our to do list and get our affairs in order!

Last year was all about recovery and getting myself back to "normal."  So, this year is going to be all about making myself better than ever inside and out, from my head to my toes.  Today I started my first day of going Green.  One down and 364 to go.  My goal is to drink at least 1 per day, more if time permits!

Dan bought me a blender for Christmas so I could start getting my daily dose of green drinks.  And today we hit the grocery store, stocked up on vegetables and fruits and I christened my blender.  Much to my delight, it was delicious!

 Healthy Green Drink

Dan also got me the book "The Healthy Green Drink Diet."  It is jam packed with information.  The first part talks about "The Greens" and breaks it down by each leafy green, what vitamins and nutrients it is packed with and the benefits you will receive from it.  Then it moves onto the fruit.  The end is filled with delicious recipes.  If you click on the photo above it will take you directly to Amazon to buy it.  I am a Prime member so I get all of my books from there because they arrive in 2 short days.

Before making my decision, I did my research on the best blender for me.  There are a ton out there in a wide range of prices.  You could drop some serious coin on some of them.  The key features/factors that I was looking for was a mid-range price point, ease of use and most importantly ease of cleaning.  I do not like cleaning cumbersome blenders so if it is tedious in any way I won't do it and this would quickly become a fad that sits up on my shelf collecting dust!

 Nutri Bullet

After much research I personally chose the Nutri-Bullet, for all my reasons mentioned above.  You can find them at Walmart, Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond (use a 20% off coupon!), etc.  I went with the 600-watt motor.  There is a Pro Version that has a 900-watt motor but has a higher price point.  I typically tend to jump all in to something new and spend too much money to get started.  So, this time I wanted to baby step into this to make sure I would stick with it without dropping too much cash.  The reviews said it didn't leave things clumpy, so it sounded like a winner.  And, after making my first one, I think I made the right choice!

While researching, I found a couple of top of the line Cadillac blenders, so if you can afford the investment you may want to check this website out: Simple Green Smoothies.  They talk about how the Blendtec and Vitamix are the most coveted blenders (their warranty and performance are apparently incredible).  This site is chuck full of helpful information on how to get started, great recipes, etc. so I bookmarked it in my "Smoothies" Folder. 

I also saw this helpful graphic on 100 Days of Real Food which was originally created by Simple Green Smoothies, as mentioned above. I am not going to lie, I was very intimidated on getting started.  This "dumbed it down" for me so it took out all the fear and a lot of guesswork!  They talk about the 60/40% rule, especially when you are getting started.  The 60% is fruits the 40% is leafy greens.  Easy peasy. 

 100 Days of Real Food

Another super helpful tip is to add your leafy greens and water (or preferred liquid) first and blend.  Then add the fruits.  I followed this tip and my first Smoothy turned out delicious and free of clumps.  

My first Smoothy consisted of the following ingredients:
2 cups baby spinach
2 cups water (blend these two together)
Add fruit
I used Mango and strawberries (a cup or two)
1 banana

It was so yummy.  It made enough for me and the Hubs to enjoy one together!  I am so excited.  I can totally do this and can't wait to reap the benefits and start feeling better than ever!!

If you have any great recipes to share, please do tell!  

Going green,

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  1. Last month I went to my local Organic Market and they told me that this green juice was probably the best, so I bought it. I really had no idea which one to go for.